Nightlife Fireworks - Terms and Conditions


Nightlife Display Prices

All firework display packages and related product prices are in UK Pounds £ sterling and include VAT at the current rate.

Note: Some of our firework displays may incur additional travelling expenses if outside South Wales. Please contact us for further details – any travelling expenses will be discussed and agreed before any bookings are confirmed.

Nightlife Display Payment methods

Unless otherwise agreed by both parties a 20% deposit is required to secure your booking with us. The remaining balance is due no later than two weeks before your show date. If you book a show within two weeks of your show date, then full payment is required upon booking.

A confirmation will be issued upon receipt of your fireworks display booking. Payment can be made by cheque or Bank Transfer,  An invoice will be issued to you after booking is confirmed.


1.0 Nightlife Attendees

All standard professionally fired firework displays include:

1.1 Fireworks; The provision of Category 3 & 4 display fireworks (Category 4 fireworks are for professional use only).

1.2 Site survey; Survey the site and make recommendations on spectator locations, size and type of fireworks.


1.3 Risk assessment; To minimize the possible risks to public, crew and property that a firework display may cause.


.4 Method statement; To inform the client on our working practices by providing a written work method statement.


1.5 Labour costs; The total cost incurred by Nightlife Fireworks by the use of the work factor.


1.6 Materials and Equipment; Provide all materials and equipment to enable the safe firing of the wedding firework display ordered.


1.7 Site set-up; The safe set up of all fireworks used, Stable racks and staked cakes/candles, making sure all audience and building separation distances are met.


1.8 Pyrotechnics; Execute the firework display in a safe, yet spectacular manner.


1.9 Soundtrack & Choreography; When ordered, Nightlife Fireworks will provide fireworks choreography and soundtrack.


1.10 Safety Services; Clean up the firework site, sweep the area for any unfired pyrotechnics.


1.11 Insurance; Public and private liability insurance to the sum of £5m. Where greater cover is required the customer must specify this, no later than 30 days prior to the display. Nightlife Fireworks reserves the right

to invoice additional costs incurred by any such increase.


2.0 Client Attendees

Unless otherwise stated, the client is to provide the following:


2.1 Additional equipment or services required; Equipment related to the display such as crowd safety barriers, safety marshals etc.


2.2 Notification to interested parties; Police, Fire brigade and where applicable any other relevant authority or organisation. It is advisable to notify neighbour, local farmers, livestock owners, hospitals, nursing homes and anyone else who may be affected or distressed by the display. Failure by the event organiser to notify the relevant parties could lead to the display being cancelled.


2.3 Adequate safety in general; It is the responsibility of the event organiser to make sure that adequate safety measures are put in place. This includes firing site perimeter security (unless pre-arranged, where we can supply our own marshals at additional cost) stopping the public from venturing into the firing site during setup or firing. The Display Leader has, at any time during the show, the power to stop the show, should the safety of the public and / or the firing crew be compromised.


2.4 Ingress/Egress; To ensure adequate emergency exits and ensure emergency vehicles can gain access to the site. These must be clearly marked out and lit.


2.5 Emergency preparation; To ensure all staff understand what they are to do in the event of an emergency.


2.6 Communication; Keep us in the loop with changes, etc. so we can provide you the best service possible.


3.0 Payment

Unless otherwise agreed by both parties:


3.1 Deposits; A 20% deposit is required along with your completed booking form to secure you booking with us. The remaining balance is due no later than two weeks before your show date. If you book a show within two weeks of your firework display date, then full payment is required upon booking.


3.2 Payment Method; An invoice will be issued upon receipt of booking form and deposit. Payment can be made by cheque: payable to Nightlife Fireworks, by bank transfer; a/c name: Nightlife Fireworks, a/c no.: 43363760 sort code: 30-96-72


3.3 VAT; All prices shown, quotes given and invoices issued are valued in UK Sterling and include VAT at the current rate


3.4 Non-payment; If payment terms are not met then Nightlife Fireworks have the right to refuse the firing of the firework display.


4.0 Variations & Substitutions / Omissions


4.1 Substitutions and omissions; Nightlife Fireworks reserve the right at any time to substitute and / or omit a pyrotechnic effect from a show which we feel may cause an unacceptable Health and Safety risk. This decision is normally put into effect where excessive wind conditions may cause long duration “hanging” effects to drift towards the audience and / or buildings. In the majority of cases, substitutions are made rather than omissions.



5.0 Termination and Cancellation


5.1 Cancellation giving up to 4 weeks prior to the display date; 20% refund of deposits paid shall be given.


5.2 Cancellations giving less than 2 weeks notice from the date of the display; 80% of the display fee will be refunded.


5.3 Cancellations giving less than 1 weeks notice from the date of the display; 60% of the display fee will be refunded.


5.4 Cancelationss on the display date; a 20% of the display fee will be refunded. An extra charge will be made for any fireworks placed in situ prior to cancellation.


5.5 If a show is not allowed to go ahead or cancelled by the venue for any reason outside of Nightlife Fireworks control; then the same conditions apply above as for a client cancellation.


5.6 If Nightlife Fireworks make the decision on the day of your show that your show cannot go ahead due to adverse weather conditions: Nightlife Fireworks have the right to recover any costs incurred.


5.7 Nightlife Fireworks will do all they can to ensure that a wedding firework display goes ahead, however; Nightlife Fireworks reserve the right to cancel without compensation on the grounds of safety. Nightlife Fireworks personnel on site have sole responsibility for this decision. Reasons for cancellation include inadequate safety distance, poor crowd control and/or lack of stewards, inadequate or non-existent safety line/fence, and livestock in close proximity to the display site.

Note: Nightlife Fireworks has never cancelled a firework display due to adverse weather or any other reason. Potential problems are always discussed with the client and we always seek to come to an agreeable cancellation decision, which would in almost every circumstance be based purely on the safety of the Audience and / or Firing Crew.